In 2002 a group of friends had a dream and a love for music. Instead of letting their dream just be talked about in back rooms, they started their own record label to give Hip-Hop and R&B a stage in the southwest. Stevie “Bundlez Tha Billionaire” Melendez and George “Bamboozle” Fisher started Fat Fish in Albuquerque, NM and the legend began!

Fat Fish started out by releasing several compilations and the critically acclaimed Dirrt Boy projects went from 2003 to 2008. Then, in 2005, they officially signed artist Bill E Shakes. In 2007 Fisher and his Fat Fish crew controlled the local radio airwaves at KISS 97.3 while still producing music videos for upcoming projects. These videos have been leaked worldwide via internet and T.V. and have been seen by countless viewers. Then, in 2009, Power 106 FM had many of their artists in regular rotation while the company continued to dominate the Albuquerque airwaves and crush the competition.

Fat Fish Entertainment is a fusion of sounds that include West Coast rap, Dirty South and Midwest. Whether it is a club hit or a slow jam, their style is one that is chill yet bold and in-your-face. While some companies would try and stay commercial, Fat Fish Records is keeping up their street cred with their enormously popular mix-tapes, which includes their most recent CD, Fat Fish Radio Vol. 1 (Bundlez Tha Billionaire). There have been rumors of producer/lyricist and protégé of Mac Dre (R.I.P), S.Y.K.O. dropping an album, but nothing is final there just yet.

Fat Fish is creating buzz around the music industry and has attracted fans around the world with their internet videos and music releases. They have worked with well known artists such as Snoop Dogg’s “The Dogg Pound”, Jae Millz, G-Unit members and Aceyalone to name a few. Soon they hope to infuse a little of the southwest into the east coast through some innovative and strategic marketing ideas.

Fat Fish is reaching new heights every day with their fanbase and can be found all around the streets of New Mexico. They have performed at over 100 shows in the past few years and continue to drop their tracks on radio stations all over the nation. Fat Fish Records and their artists are definitely HD for the ears!

You can find Fat Fish Records on Myspace, Facebook or at FatFishOnline.com